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In the eye of

We had a disagreement during the England game last night.  Nothing to do with the football – we would have agreed on that front. No, this was about whether or not Wayne Rooney is ugly. My husband is adamant that he is, but is looking through the biased eyes of someone who does not support Manchester United. Therein lays my side of the argument.  Wayne Rooney is not ugly, he’s not good-looking; he’s just plain.

Good-looking people are, in my opinion, few and far between, as are truly ugly ones, although many do have a particularly beautiful feature which may over-shadow a less than perfect one. Take Frank Lampard for example: gorgeous eyes but the less said about his mouth the better, in my view.

What Wayne has, in common with all other professional sportsmen (and women), is the determination to win, to be the best he can be, and that is a most attractive quality, over-riding any flaws in the looks department, in my book. So, unless he’s caught swearing at an official or at one of his opponents, I’ll stick up for plain Wayne and continue to encourage the kids in my charge to be the best they can be.  Whatever they look like.

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