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In Bruges

We’re just back from a weekend in Bruges. How we have missed visiting this little gem of a Belgian city for so long I can’t imagine, it being so accessible from home.  We left at 9.00 am on Saturday and were tucking into moules frites at lunch time in Burg Square. Unusually for us, our journey was without setback – straight down to Folkestone, through the tunnel and out of Calais before you could say traffic jam, industrial action or unforeseen weather conditions.

The only hitch encountered was when Sat-Nav woman gave up once we were within the city walls, leaving us high and dry and armed only with a historical walking map. A fair amount of swearing ensued, which for those familiar with the film, “In Bruges,” was suitably fitting.

The city is crammed with churches (including the Basilica which alleges to have a fragment of the Holy Blood); once we’d exhausted all things ecclesiastical we found the most amazing exhibition of Picasso’s drawings shown alongside contemporaries such as Cocteau, Braque and Chagall. It was almost too much to take in to be honest, so a visit to several chocolate shops redressed that particular cultural overload.

I’d recommend a trip to Bruges –  it doesn’t involve flying, which has, for us, on many occasions, ruined a short break by conspiring to make it even shorter through delays and cancellations.  No hanging around in air-conditioned lounges for hours on end either – almost independent travelling – marvellous!

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