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Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Thought I must share some images from a link sent to me by Barb a few posts ago. If ever there was an argument for covering the body beautiful, then this is surely it. They are the works of photographer Leo Caillard  who together with digital artist Alexis Persani, ‘dressed’ these Louvre statues in modern attire. aristaeus-by-joseph-bosio-looks-cool-in-sunglasses-rolled-up-pants-and-a-tight-t-shirt[1]     rock-def1-rvb[1] There are several more which can be viewed by clicking the artist’s names in bold, above. The pictures got me thinking about how perception is changed by the clothes we wear and how we are probably subconsciously drawn towards people who favour the same style of clothing as we do. If you think I’m barking mad, pause a minute and think about how your friends’ dress.

See what I mean?

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