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Mum and I were sifting through a box of old photographs recently when we came across a few from her school days, during the war.

After she had taken me on a little trip down memory lane at her all girls’ boarding school, where she attended as a day pupil, I scanned them in so she could send them to an old school friend by e-mail, she said I could do what I liked with them which probably wasn’t wise. They are just crying out to be captioned.


Imagine Mrs Maltravers’ delight as she persuaded her Housewifery class to help tackle her son’s bedroom


Try as she might Cecily, already in trouble for wearing an over-patterned apron, couldn’t suppress a giggle as she added a few magic mushrooms to the pie she was preparing for the Governor’s annual dinner that evening.

Feel free to join in.  Mum will be amused…

(You might need to click the image to see a larger print – I wasn’t going to fidget with any more technology after last week).

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