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Pop art print by Youngerman, Liverpool art gallery

Pop art print by Youngerman, Liverpool art gallery

I’m not a fan of our National Curriculum and I admire all students for having to put up with it in the first place, although I suppose they are not approaching it with prejudice, like me. Art, in particular, bothers me, (along with the English syllabus, but that’s another story); because although we are very good at teaching techniques to our young people, we seem to be afraid of letting them have a free rein creatively. You’d only have to come and look at the art on display in the public areas at our school – it could all have been done by the same person.

So, very unprofessionally, I punched the air and let out a silent whoop of glee when one of my particular charges found himself in a standoff with a teacher in the art department. An incorrigible and highly articulate lad with selective ADHD, he decided that instead of using red, blue and yellow as instructed to colour his Pop Art (in the style of Roy Lichtenstein), he wanted to see what it would look like in green, pink and orange.

Instead of letting him have a go at this, his request was flatly refused and in no uncertain terms he was told to stick to the original plan. He commented that his creativity was being compromised whereupon he was sent out of the classroom to do written work in the library. In my head, I was swaggering out of that classroom with him – although he’d “answered back,” his point, I think, was valid.

Perhaps unwittingly, teachers have become so controlling of the children they teach, because of the dreaded targets they have to meet, that, to quote a cliché, they are not seeing the wood for the trees. I bet Damien Hirst never had this problem.

Or perhaps he did.  Makes you think, doesn’t it.

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