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We went en famille to see Skyfall last weekend. (What a culturally diverse life she leads, I hear you cry).  I don’t usually join the other two for a Bond film but this was different.  From the beginning of this year, odd things were happening on our local common land, an area we often walk and know pretty well. Juggernauts, Portacabins and marquees moved in along with set builders, a tower crane and security. Over the space of a few weeks, our stamping ground was transformed into the latest James Bond movie set. The chapel, the mansion and barn were created with the most intricate attention to detail. I was able to get up close to the “stone” wall surrounding the chapel to discover it had been constructed from plastic blocks, overlain with painted sand to mimic lichen. It was fascinating and rather than spoil the magic of the film for me, knowing how all this had been achieved enhanced the experience. In another life, I’m going to be a set designer.

     Over the weeks we became obsessed, dashing up to the common at every opportunity to watch the progress and hope for a glimpse of the action. We were not disappointed. One Saturday we were able to watch the rehearsal of the helicopter flying in.  We also spied the Aston Martin DB5.  The security guys were really helpful as long as we were not filming with mega long lenses, as in the case of one over enthusiastic fan, who was escorted away pronto when he set up his camera, proportions of which the paparazzi would be proud.

     We did take a few pictures but promised we wouldn’t do anything with them until the film was out. So here they are, to prove that Skyfall is actually in Surrey, not Scotland.  And just for the record, I did enjoy the film.

The timber frame goes up


The Chapel

Had to have the car – excuse the poor quality!

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