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It’s official. Apparently I‘m a spammer, which is why I’ve been having trouble with posting comments on the blogs I follow.


Thanks to everyone who left suggestions on my last post – all of which I tried. My computer has never been so tuned up and efficient and I have learned how to do things on the techno front that I’d never have dreamed possible.

However, I am indebted to Gav Young, who discovered me languishing in the depths of his spam box and alerted me to this peculiar turn of events. Gav writes insightful and funny observations about his life as a publican living on the east coast. I read all his musings and his rants and usually agree with his sentiments. Thanks, Gav.

Now, how to resolve the issue? I feel like I’ve been given an unjustified detention for giggling at the back of the classroom – probably with BarbTaub – a very funny blogger, who, horrors of horrors, I found at the bottom of my spam box, along with EAM Harris, who writes interesting book reviews.

What is going on?

I trawled the WordPress site, left questions on their forum and I searched the Askimet site for clues as to the reversal of my predicament.  This is what I found:

How to Know if your Comment was Detected as Spam

If your comment was marked as spam by Akismet, then you will not see the Awaiting Moderation notice like you normally would. If you submit a comment on a site, and you do not see your comment text along with a notice saying awaiting moderation, then you should immediately contact the site administrator. They can help pull your comment out of the spam box, and overtime Akismet will learn from its mistakes.

So in light of this, last night I sent e mails to Rod, at Reflections in Puddles and Terry (the Pick Man) who kindly searched their dashboards for any evidence of a comment from me. Thanks, guys – I really appreciate your help and apologise for disturbing your peace on a Sunday evening.

This morning, Roughseas let me know that she had found several messages from me in her spam box and has reinstated them on her blog post. Thanks, R-S.

Now, will that be enough to stop Askimet thinking I’m up to no good, I wonder? I guess I shall just have to wait patiently and see.

In the meantime, could I ask for your help: if you do post something and you usually find a comment from me – would you all be so wonderful as to check your spam boxes occasionally in case I still need to be rescued?

Thank you all very much. Happy Blogging!

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